About Infy

Born in Amsterdam on a cold winter day, 1991; Infy moved to Israel with her family at the age of four and grew up in Kibbutz Yotvata.

From a very early age Infy has shown an immense passion for music. She then grew and as a young teen she began writing and composing original songs.

Despite her passion for music, she was a shy girl, and has long ceased her singing in front of others.

Her first live performance at the age of thirteen at a local theater, had surprised even her family, who had never known she sang so well, after all these years of silence.

She then began taking singing lessons with various teachers and preforming occasionally on local concerts and holiday celebrations. But during those years Infy's interests were varied, and music seemed more like a secondary hobby than an actual promising career. As it turned out, her songs remained on paper.


Everything changed in 2012 when she entered the studio with Omri Lahav, an old-time friend and a professional composer. Soon the dream of bringing Infy's old works back to life seemed more real than ever, and there was no looking back at this point. By the end of the year, they started working regularly on A Mortal's Tear, Infy's first full-length album.

Her first released single, Vanishing has made an quite an impact in the Israeli metal scene, making Infy a prominent controversial artist ever since. 
By the end of June 2015, A Mortal's Tear was released.

As Infy's journey continues, she now focuses on creating new music, "out of this world", she promises some refreshing surprises to look forward to.



30.3.2015, Desert released their album Never Regret, that features Infy in the duet The Road to You.
27.4.2015, Catharsis released the Hebrew version of the
mermaid in their song Child of Storms (Дитя штормов), whereas Infy translated the mermaid's lines and sang them. There are many different version of the song, in each the mermaid's role is sang in a different language.
6.7.2015, The German author Sylvie Grohne released her vampire fantasy novel Die Nacht in uns that soon turned a bestseller. The book was released with the theme song Naked, made by MoonFlower Music (Sylvie Grohne and Per-Anders Kurenbach), and performed by Infy together with the Italian singer Anto (Antonio Cappiello).
8.1.2016 - The official declaration of Infy's joining as a lead singer to the Israeli Gothic Metal band Soul Torture as an additional project.
The announcment was released along with music video A Blessing in the Moor with a song that will feature in their upcoming album. Infy contributes to the writing as well.

5.2.2015, She preformed Nevermore's Dreaming Neon Black with Warrel Dane in Tel-Aviv, this being her first gig.
27.2.2015, her next performance took place at the warm-up of Eluveitie's second gig in Tel-Aviv, where she sang The Phantom of The Opera together with Desert.
26.3.2015, she preformed with them again at their album launch gig, 
(4.6.2015) and once more as the warm-up for Catharsis in Tel-Aviv. She was invited back to stage when Catharsis performed, to sing the Child of Storms with them. This was the first time the song was played live in a version that is not Russian. It was also Catharsis' first gig outside of Russia.
17.7.2015, Infy participated in the concert
"Noa's Rockstarsthat her vocal coach arranged for her students.
24.9.2015 Infy launched A Mortal's Tear in her first full length stand-alone gig. Shiran did the warm-up. The gig was sold out.
Videos from that show: Mindfuck | Nightmares
15.10.2015 Infy features as a guest in Ganza's show, performing Megadeth's À Tout le Monde cover with them.

14.1.2016 Infy had her second stand-alone gig "Winter Mindfuck". Moran Magal  had an opening guest performance.
26.2.2016 Infy performed Týr's The Lay of Our Love with them, in Tel-Aviv (originally performed with Liv Kristine).
23.7.2016 Infy headlined the Siren Songs mini fest in Haifa, featuring Infy, Magen, Chugun, Venus in Fear and Talpa.

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