There are so many people I need to thank for helping me make my music- my debut album, my music-video clip.

Here are some which without it just wouldn't be what it is:

Omri Lahav

When I was clueless and didn't even know where to begin, Omri was the one to give me the first and most important push I needed, inviting me into his studio.

It didn't take long before I realized I'm not going to make do with a couple of tracks. "I want to record a full-length album", I said to him, all excited.
Immediately we began meeting on a weekly basis and roughly a year and a half later we were able to make this dream come true. Back then we couldn't even begin to imagine it was going to get that good.

Not only is Omri so much fun to work with, he is simply one of the most talented musicians I know; professionally playing various instruments, he is a master of orchestral composing (is a graduate of advanced orchestration studies at Berklee College of Music), and so he came to be the arranger of my album, as well as he had come up with the most epic solos, given my songs a touch that only he could and even composed a couple of my songs!

Omri never denied my unbelievable perfectionism, and spent hours, and days, and months perfecting my songs, to my whims. 

Jeff Willet

When I first heard Jeff drumming I was totally blown away from his skill. It wasn't until after he recorded drum works for my first songs, however, that I realized just how amazing he is!

So good, that at an early point, while writing the drums' basic roles for my songs with Omri, we just gave up writing the complicated transitions, since it wouldn't matter how complex we made it, he overdid it a thousand times better, and therefore we were just blabbering some random "In-Jeff-we-trust-transition", and voilà!


Yochai Davidoff

Yochai's mighty voice and vocal abilities were exactly what I needed in order to give my upcoming song To Your Loneliness exactly what it needs.

He totally saved this one with his excellent vocal performance! Together we've turned it into an epic duet!

Noa Gruman

A vocal coach and the vocalist in Scardust - an Israeli Symphonic Progressive Metal band.
Noa is a master of technique and an amazing tutor!

Her vocal coaching has been making me reach new heights and new vocal abilities that keep varying as well as improving!

Her guidance affects the recordings of most complicated songs incredibly and does wonders to it.


Marta Mc'cave Dayan

This incredible flutist nailed all the flute parts in The Flower Collector as if it was as easy as breathing.
She adds the perfect touch to give it the folky atmosphere I was looking for; should love to see her in future songs!

Paul Pavao

Chief Engineer at The Mix Room.
Mix Engineer for the album A Mortal's Tear.

Once I realized there are songs way too complicated to mix for anyone who's not highly experienced, I decided to look up for the high-end mixing engineer.

Then I turned to The Mix Room.

That was such a great choice! Naturally I wanted the entire album mixed at the same place, and not only Paul was very patient with me, he did such a terrific job, making my song sound as lively as I could've never gotten it by my own.

Ben Grosse

Owner of The Mix Room.
Mix Assistant for the album A Mortal's Tear.

Once I realized there are songs way too complicated to mix for anyone who's not highly experienced, I decided to look up for the high-end mixing engineer.

​Then I turned to The Mix Room.
Ben assists the mix process of the most complicated songs in A Mortal's Tear.

Daniel Stein

Other than being my fuel, inspiration and the love of my life, Daniel is my videographer and main editor and director of the music-videos for my songs.

Together we've been travelling across countries in order to film, and make my vision of the music video-clip for my first single, Vanishing come true.

For a year we have been editing this video, and at last it has reached completion and by this being our first video clip ever made! 

Nowadays we are working on a few music videos for songs from A Mortal's Tear simultaneously. 

Hamutal Tsur Marom

Hamutal is a professional cellist from the top of the line!

Her playing adds so magic to A Mortal's Tear!  Her cello roles features in Love Song, Sojourn at the Astrals, Goddess Machine and To Your Loneliness.

Defiler (Yotam Avni)

Vocalist of Prey for Nothing, Defiler roars his mighty growls to the heaviest song in A Mortal's Tear - "Nightmares".

He kicks so much ass, totally nailed this Melodic Death Metal piece - he will blow you away! 


Yuval Bilgorai (Bilgo)

I hired his services as a vocal coach after I've reached a singing plateau.

At the time it didn't matter how many times I've tried, I couldn't record my song Vanishing's vocals to my satisfaction. 

For a while I hated this song so much, hated singing it, and got really depressed  by the fact that of all my songs, this was the one to come out as my first single along with the video-clip that Daniel and I were already in the middle of shooting.

Bilgo's lessons were unlike lessons I've taken before, he has given me something new! I decided to bring him over to my following recording session, to have him help me through this blockage, and man did he help!

Bilgo has given me the courge to find vocal qualities I never even knew existed in me! I don't know whence those energies came from, but he simply helped me bring a totally different singer out of me!

I began bringing him into more recording sessions until 
I felt I've gained full control over these new discoveries that helped me throughout the recordings of the rest of the album!  


More Engel

Had kindly helped me with her professional most beautiful cello playing. Caressing Vanishing with her delicacy and spine-tingling sounds.
Without her it would have probably been sampled instead, not sounding nearly as good.


Maor Appelbaum

Mastering Engineer for the album A Mortal's Tear.

With a high-end mix, I needed nothing less but a high-end mastering -engineer for the final touch ups.

I was glad to find Maor as kind as he is professional!

Christopher Shy

A Mortal's Tear cover/theme artist.

I chose Christopher to create my debut album cover and theme, for I have always loved his extremely unique and erratic art and uneasy feelings and emotions they errupt.

And so my vague idea came to life and I absolutely love it!

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