A Mortal's Tear - album's title, art and theme

My upcoming debut album's name is known to me for quite a while now- A Mortal's Tear ...

I found it perfect for the album's theme as the topics of the songs in it emotionally stir and often sadden us mortals, or at least me personally...

There is a lot of death, but also love and dreams- both good and bad.

The album is in advanced stages of the making at the moment.

The creation of this album as the songs in it, has been and still is a journey through time, emotions and different states of mind.

It is as a matter of fact more than a decade long journey, as the writing of the songs to be included in this album had began when I was 13 while some of the songs are brand new!

Each song has its own story behind it, and it's own "magic".

I am really hoping that by this album I could get people to "merge in" and go through this journey of the mind that I've experienced.

For the making of the album's visual theme cover I had chosen no other than one of my very favorite artists, Christopher Shy.

I have always loved his extremely unique and erratic art and the uneasy feelings and emotions they erupt.

I gave him a very general idea of what I want the art to be like, and he took it to his own dark and fantastic world and made this incredible masterpiece!

I think it reflects beautifully on the feel of the music to be incorporated to A Mortal's Tear.

So, stay tuned!

Click here to view theme art close up.

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