The Phantom of the Opera - Desert & Infy LIVE

The Phantom of the Opera - preformed by Desert & Infy

Eluveitie warm-up gig

at the Reading Club 3, Tel-Aviv Israel

February 27th, 2015

I must admit, that this was Desert's idea; an idea which I rather awed. I would have personally never dared to challenge myself so early in my career with a live performance of this pretentious epic song in front of 700 people. I am so happy that I did and thankful to Desert for this opportunity!


Production: Empyreal Visuals

Videography: Daniel Stein and Gil Kovalchuk

Editing: Infy Snow and Daniel Stein


Infy - vocals

Alexei Raymar - vocals

Sergei Metalheart - guitar

Max Shafranski - guitar

Sergei Dmitrik - bass

Oleg Aryutkin - keyboards

Assaf Markowitz - drums

Track mastering: Omri Lahav

Original song by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Thanks to Yishai Swearts for producing this kicka$s event!

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