A Mortal's Tear- Launch Gig- SOLD OUT

24.9.2015 - a date that will be remembered for the rest of my life. My debut album launch gig, which happened to be my own first gig as well, wasn't like anything I have ever done in my life. Two thirds of the tickets were pre-ordered, and the remaining tickets were gone 10 minutes after the gates opened. It was madness, seeing the lengthy line of people waiting to get in, only to be prevented entrence due to the lack of tickets. I've heard, however, that many people managed to sneak into the venue, and the Tmuna Theatre was packed full. After a great opening show by the female fronted agressive metal band Shiran, came my time to overcome my greatest fears; and so I stripped myself of all worries over what people might say, and I let a very powerful part of Infy bash out. It felt like nothing I ever felt before. Pure euphoria. Whereas in the past I'd only fold back with the first ones to twist their faces, this time I let no one stand in my way. I didn't even care, even though I was all awkward and weird, I was just being me, no longer hiding it, and it felt great. So great that everyone around me felt great too, and anyone to even consider twisting their face with mockery would soon find that they are the ones worthy of ridicule. Technically, it wasn't perfect, it was far from it. But none of that mattered. I didn't let the glitches and mistakes dishearten me. I could not be happier about that night. I have much to learn and improve, but this was a major level up for me nevertheless.

The original plan was to have another gig only until after I managed to assemble a soild, permanent band for Infy (which might take some time) but it seems like I'd be leaving many people disappointed if I didn't, and I hate disappointing. So I decided to bring about a 2nd round, possibly in a bigger venue. We are still checking things out, but I will update further as soon as I can! Stay tuned!

Love you <3 -Infy P.S. for more pics, CLICK HERE

Left to right: Auria Sapir (guitar), Lev Kerzhner (bass), Dror Goldstein (drums), me, Sapir Wolloch (keyboard), Omri Lahav (guitar)

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