Winter Mindfuck- Live Again!

After the first gig's sell-out and following major success, an unexpected second gig felt like a necessary followup. I do not intend to make it the same, I tell you this. I must always improve, always surprise, always give more and make my art better. It's who I am, it's what I live to do, and I want you to be there with me on this journey! I work every day from noon 'till dawn for this gig to be out of the ordinary. Disappointing you is not an option for me. By the time it's over, if I fail you... I will have failed myself, and with that I just can't live. What do I want from you in return? All I want is you to give me that chance, be there at the venue, be yourself, and have the time of your life! Let me guide you into a different world... Over 15% DISCOUNT on the first 100 tickets! And a FREE A Mortal's Tear download available too! Tickets: The Facebook event:

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