Interview in Orkus Magazine

I had a lovely visit to the mail today!

I got this :D

Right next to Dani Filth and Cradle of Filth's new album, in the November 2015 issue of the German Gothic magazine Orkus, marked under "Discovery!" you'll find an interview with me! Page 77 (Translation below)

Founding year: 2013

Home country: Israel


Q: Please try to describe your latest album in one breath…

A: An eclectic melodic dark metal piece that examines the deepest struggles of us mortals.

Q: If you were to play just one song from the new album, which one would you pick, and why?

A: That’s a tough question, it depends a lot on my mood and place in life, as the songs are very different from one another. Currently though, possibly Mindfuck, for it refers to some more actual concerns I am dealing with; “Before I reach the heavens, I must be making it through hell”.

Q: You come from Amsterdam and you have moved to Israel. Can you please tell us a little bit about it? And how is it to live in Israel?

A: I was about 4 years old when my family moved here, so I didn’t have a say on the matter. As I child it was as good a place as any. To be honest, life in Israel doesn’t feel like something special to me, there are pros and cons like everywhere else. It is a hot country though, and the people too, are hot tempered. This makes the Israelis very friendly with a great sense of humor and a willingness to help people in need; but at the same time they are easily angered and offended and they often care to deal with matters that are not their own. I will probably return to Europe on day, where the winter is colder and the summers are not so hellishly hot.

Q: Which three albums were the most important to you as a teenager, and for what reasons?

A: Sountrack to Your Escape (In Flames) – In Flames introduced me to growls. But it was their sound and melodies that got me hooked. They were my favorite band then and are still one of my favorite up to this day. While there has always been In Flames albums that I loved more, this one has been the most meaningful to me. Something in the song “Evil in a Closet” touched me so deep, that it made my soul weep and I used to listen to it for hours. And other than that, as an extremely rebellious teenager, I did like having “a soundtrack to my escape”. Mer de Noms (A Perfect Circle) – My sweetheart, who has been but my best friend at the time, had introduced me to a couple of songs from this album. They had such a unique mesmerizing sound, that I had to go to the CD store and look it up. The album cover made it look like some magical ancient tome, and I was happy to find the music matched my expectations. An atmospheric masterpiece, almost spiritual. Natural Born Chaos (Soilwork) – Given to me by the same sweetheart, this one helped me tame a lot of my teenage anger and served as the best workout music. While Soilwork retain a very specific and unique sound signature that doesn’t change much, they still manage to create many different songs, and each perfect in every aspect.

Q: What career aspirations had you had as a child before the idea – or thought – of being a musician came up?

A: I wanted to be a scientist. Until I was 20, I thought I am going to study the field of nanotechnology for medical purposes that would be implemented on anti-aging researches.

Q: What fascinates you most about the dark scene? Is there also a dark scene in Israel?

A: There are many things I like about the dark scene. I mostly enjoy how it offers more freedom to be unique and embraces uncommon opinions and styles. People in the scene are often more liberal, creative and open-minded, as they lack the need to follow the main stream. There is indeed an active scene in Israel, though it’s a small country, so naturally it isn’t very large, and in a way everyone in it seems to know each other.

Q: Which movie never fails to touch you emotionally, and why?

A: The years have made me such a crier, heh. But I think The Lord of the Rings always makes me nostalgic and longing to depart to a world of fantasy.

Q: What does a perfect start to the day look like for you?

A: A natural awakening, with my love by my side, and my 5 beautiful kitties purring with content.

Q: What makes the chosen cover artwork fit the album so very well?

A: A Mortal’s Tear is overall a very morbid album, and so the atmosphere of the cover needed to be as grim. The lonely tearful girl by the lonely grotesque tree is me. I am sitting on deep blue glassy ice floor surrounded by a colorless flame (a reference to the first hit that was released from the album, Vanishing). If examined closely, one can find connections between the art and the themes of other song as well.

Q: Which three lifetime dreams do you as a person strongly wish to fulfill?

A: One of them has already been fulfilled, that is, being with my one and only love. We have known each other since I am 12 years old, and we have gone through a long journey, filled with joys and sweet memories as well as great pains and sacrifices, all so we could end up with each other. And now we’re inseparable.

The second one revolves around making a successful music career, which I have already began working on, and I don’t intend to stop. The third, I am afraid, is against all odds, and is far more likely to be but a dream to vanish with my existence; that is to have us living to no end, without limits. I put my faith, as small as it might be, in mankind’s technology. Without this faith, I could not bring myself to get out of bed in the morning.

Q: Imagine you had only one week left to live. How would you spend the remaining time?

A: Arranging my cryonicization (freezing my body in order to preserve it, in hopes technology would one day bring me back to life). I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t believe there is anything after life. I think nothing will have ever mattered once I die, therefore, I wouldn’t pursue any crazy wishes but the single one- to keep on living.

Q: Are there any animals – or pets – who have a particular meaning to you, or who you hold especially dear?

A: My baby Pantera. She gave birth to 6 amazing kittens which I love equally with all of my heart; but she was the first cat to have ever made me feel like a mother, for real.

Q: What is the perfect atmosphere, the ideal moment for enjoying your music to its fullest?

A: When you are alone, thoughtful, or sad.

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