Apr 16, 2014


*Updates: About the upcoming album's name, cover-art/theme (by Christopher Shy) and my search for a logo designer.

If you are a logo designer and would like to take a part in this, please leave a comment below with your email address or message me via Facebook: http://facebook.com/InfyOfficial


*Teaser: A little piece taken from the song "Goddess Machine" that will feature in A Mortals Tear. It's naturally still under work and unmixed, but I felt like sharing it :)

Lyrics and vocals- Infy

Composing, guitars, bass, keyboard- Omri Lahav

Drums- Jeff Willet


*Pantera- my baby cat.


Video by Empyreal Visuals https://www.facebook.com/EVisuals

Videographer: Daniel SteinEditing: Infy

Dec 24, 2013


Of the making of the Epic Circle of Fire scene from my first single Vanishing at the snowy tops of the Austrian Alps + Behind the scenes.

Dec 03, 2013


The Official Teaser for my first single Vanishing from the upcoming debut album A Mortal's Tear.

Aug 10, 2013


This is my apology for not posting any music despite my endless promises of "one more week to go" (and my excuses!); my great appreciation to your support and patience regardless, and a little tease from my unfinished music-video of the song Vanishing (from my upcoming album)!

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